Create Your Own

With limited-edition US Open graphics, add a unique twist on Ralph Lauren classics for a style that’s truly unmatched
Video of the Custom Polo shirt being made.

The Custom Polo, Made to Order

Designed for you from hundreds of custom combinations and using flat-knit technology
Video of custom packable outerwear.

Custom Packable Outerwear

Made on demand with recycled fabrics and PrimaLoft® ThermoPlume® insulation

Custom Gifts

For an extra touch of thoughtfulness

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For the Whole Family

Customise Ralph Lauren’s most enduring styles for anyone and everyone
Red Polo shirt on cover of navy book and collage of Polo shirt images.

Ralph Lauren’s Polo Shirt

A definitive guide to the Polo shirt’s impact on style and culture for more than half a century

Custom Outerwear

Made on demand with recycled fabrics and PrimaLoft® ThermoPlume® insulation, and includes a customisable gift pouch. Create your own with hundreds of unique combinations for men, women, and kids

Introducing New Colours & Patterns

Animation of customized packable outerwear.

Stitch It

Personalise the iconic Polo shirt—plus hats, shirts, tees, and more—with custom embroidery and monogramming
Array of customized Polo shirts.

Knit It

Create a one-of-a-kind jumper (in cashmere, cotton, or wool) with your favourite colours and designs
Design Your Jumper
State-of-the-Art Knitting Technology
Three-Week Delivery

Print It

Customise a graphic from our regularly updated library and print it onto a Polo shirt, fleece, and more
Sweatshirt with different customizable options.